Commercial Property Maintenance

Commercial Property Maintenance – Spring Maintenance Tips

There are always a host of things to keep on top of when it comes to maintaining your commercial property, but as we move into the warmer months, now might be a good time to review your maintenance to-do list and make sure everything is in order. 

Beyond tidying up the exterior of your property and clearing it of winter debris, it’s a good idea to conduct routine maintenance checks internally too. Spring is a time when a lot of tradespeople start to see their diaries becoming full, so if you do require professional help with your maintenance and/or repairs, the earlier you can make a start, the better! 

The team here at SBS like to make things as simple as possible for clients, business owners, facilities managers, and building owners. We’ve put together a commercial property maintenance checklist for you to keep to hand when carrying out your maintenance checks and scheduling repairs, so that you can make sure nothing is missed. 


Air Conditioning Checks 

Whilst warm weather may be the last thing on your mind as we make our way through what will hopefully be the last cold snap before summer, spring is a good time to turn your attention to your air conditioning system. 

It may not have been in use since last summer (unless you have a HVAC system installed), but the fact of the matter is that the summer months, thankfully, aren’t all that far away, and  it’s a good idea to have your air conditioning system serviced so that you can make sure it’s ready to kick into action and keep your commercial property cool when that inevitable heat wave hits! 

Air conditioning maintenance services 

Conducting an annual service on your air conditioning system offers a host of benefits, including reducing energy bills, ensuring the system’s longevity, minimising the risk of breakdowns and keeping your teams safe.

Here at SBS, we carry out comprehensive servicing on all air conditioning and HVAC systems, including: 

  • Thoroughly cleaning all components to remove dirt and debris that may have accumulated over the winter 
  • Cleaning the coil to improve the indoor air quality and keep your team safe 
  • Testing all electrical components, including the thermostat, electrical wiring and connectors 
  • Checking the unit’s airflow, run capacitor, and operating efficiency 
  • Inspecting the air ducts, condensation drain pan, blower motor and wheel, compressor, and refrigerant pressures 
  • Ensuring all drain openings are clear 


Commercial Boiler Checks

Whilst it’s true that you’re likely to be more reliant on your boiler in the winter months, access to hot water is essential to keeping your staff safe and your workplace hygienic throughout the year, which is why regular boiler maintenance and servicing should be amongst your top priorities. 

Having the boiler in your commercial property serviced regularly will not only ensure the safety of your team, but it will also help to prevent costly breakdowns, reducing the risk of having your workforce left without hot water. 

Most modern boilers are very efficient. However, without annual maintenance, they can develop problems, which could lead to breakdowns and costly repairs. Regular servicing can prevent this, whilst also helping to extend the life of your boiler, maximise its performance and efficiency, keep your energy costs down, and enable you to monitor the levels of carbon monoxide being produced. 


Commercial Plumbing Annual Checks 

Adverse weather conditions, including frost, snow, and heavy rain such as we might be used to experiencing in the winter months, can cause damage to the plumbing in your property. With spring now officially here and warmer weather on the cards, now is the time to have your plumbing and drainage assessed so that any repairs can be carried out where necessary. 

When it comes to carrying out maintenance checks on your property’s plumbing, your to-do list should include: 

  • Checking internal and external pipework for any leaks or signs of wear 
  • Checking that any external pipework that’s vulnerable to freezing is properly insulated 
  • Draining any pipes, cisterns, or other structures that hold water which isn’t needed during the spring and summer months 
  • Clearing drains and grates of leaves or debris which may be causing blockages in order to prevent the risk of flooding 


Commercial Electrical Maintenance & Testing 

Faulty electrics can not only affect the power supply, causing a disruption to your workplace in the event of a trip or shortage, but they can also put staff and visitors at risk, as even the smallest system faults can cause a fire. As a result, regular testing and maintenance, conducted by a qualified electrician, is an absolute necessity. 

At SBS, we provide comprehensive electrical maintenance services for both new and existing clients, and are able to carry out assessments and repairs on systems we have installed, as well as those installed by other contractors. 

Our experienced electrical engineers are on hand to keep your systems operating at optimum levels, and are available to attend your site to carry out emergency maintenance and repairs as and when required. We always aim to reach your site as quickly as we can to get you back up and running as soon as possible, with the priority placed on helping you to boost efficiency across all operations. 


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From providing commercial property maintenance services and small repairs on an ad-hoc basis, to carrying out complete industrial estate fit-outs, the team at SBS maintains an excellent reputation for the comprehensive range of specialist electrical services we provide to clients across the UK. 

Adopting a flexible approach, we enjoy taking the time to get to know our clients in order to be able to design a tailored solution for every project, prioritising energy efficiency, quality, and reliability above all else, while ensuring every solution we provide is completely user friendly. 

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